Sâmata Health & Wellness Studio is the first of its kind in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, bringing holistic therapies to both locals and foreigners in one location.

#54, St. 306 (between St. 63 & Monivong)


Phnom Penh

Tel : 010 274 208 / 023 726 267

We have additional premises at Phnom Penh International Airport and the Arunreas Hotel.

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Podiatry is a medical practice focused solely on issues relating to the foot, ankle, and affected areas of the leg. Since many holistic practitioners agree that optimal physical health can best be achieved by working from the bottom up, ensuring healthy feet is a fundamental part of wellbeing. This treatment can be paired with physiotherapy, but works successfully as an individual or combination therapy, depending on the ailment.

Our podiatrist, Sallee Gregory, diagnoses and treats all manner of foot, ankle and gait related problems to determine the appropriate therapy. She also advises on:

  • Footwear and foot care.
  • Custom functional foot orthotics.
  • Care of children’s growing feet.
  • Maintenance of ‘high-risk’ feet to avoid secondary problems resulting from diabetes or vascular, arthritic, auto-immune or other illnesses.

To schedule an appointment or for more information please email salleegregorypodiatry@gmail.com or call (855) 77 760 960.