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Cupping therapy

Cupping acupuncture Phnom Penh
cupping woman Back Phnom Penh
cupping woman Back Phnom Penh

What is Cupping Therapy?

This technique of therapeutic care has long been the first-line medicine in Asian countries where it has managed to derive the most convincing benefits.

Classified by the WHO as a therapeutic medicine, it is the subject of several studies referenced by the greatest doctors worldwide.

Cupping Therapy forces the body to increase it’s blood circulation and boost the immune system allowing the body to use it’s natural resources to heal itself.

Once of the first characteristics of the cupping that has been is it purifying function.

5 mains actions of Cupping :

  • Purifying action :

It’s allows to “clean” the blood of various elements whose accumulation is toxic, such as dead or damaged cells

It eliminate excess substances, drug residues, …

  • Regulatory action :

It restore iron deficiency

It increases the hemoglobine level

It restores and normalizes platelet count

It lowers blood sugar, creatinine, uric acid and cholesterol

  • Analgesic action :

It allows the secretion of endorphin significantly in many patients after cupping

It is an local anti-inflammatory action

It has an effect on the level of histamines and bradyskinins

  • Hormonal action :

It helps regulate hormones by stimulating the endocrine glands (thyroïde; ovary and testicle; pancreas; …)

  • Stimulating action of immune système :

It increases the rate of white bloods cells

It also stimulates the veno-lymphatic circulation

It regulates the activity of the thymus

There are many types of therapy by cupping :


Before Wet or Fire cupping

After a massage to relax, cups are applied about 10 minutes on the skins to detect inflammated  area and local pain


The aim of wet cupping is to make small incisions and remove all toxins from your body thus human body starts functioning at it’s 100% efficiency

The stagnant or congested blood is drawn out of the body in order to cleanse the circulatory system

To carry out oxygen and nutrients-rich blood to body’s cells, tissues and organs may weaken or operate inefficiently

The blood looks like a dark, tick jelly because the blood is more liable to clote.


Treat back, neck, shoulders pain, treat tension, reduces muscles spasms, Alleviates muscles soreness, improves circulation, detox


Moving cupping allows to focus on inflammated areas.

 After that, we apply cups on your skin and proceed to the fire or wet cupping.

The goal of moving cupping is to help people with sensitive skin or with painful pathologies who can’t support strong pressure, to get a light and non agressive session.